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Why Do We Respond To Scent?

Burn a candle with a scent you love and the room comes alive. A fragrance can alter your mood by making you feel warm and cozy. Another fragrance energizes you. The reason our bodies respond to various scents in this way is because we have scent receptors in our bodies called olfactory receptors. Olfactory receptors send what we inhale to the limbic system in our brain. The limbic system involves our emotions, memories and feelings of pleasure. That’s why the scent of warm apple pie or fresh-baked cookies, transports many of us back to childhood. It’s also why we’re drawn to certain scents and repelled by others.

Top Shelf Candles offers long-lasting, soy-based candles in scents that soothe, delight and comfort, such as their popular Pomegranate Citrus scented candles that combine the warm scent of berries with the tartness of pomegranate. Also try their ever-popular Volcano scented candle that uniquely blends tropical fruits with citrus. We only offer premium, soy-based candles. When soy-based candles are burned correctly, they provide outstanding scent distribution.