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What is "candle throw?"

Throw is the distance scent travels throughout a room while a candle is burning. How many times have you sniffed a candle and loved its fragrance? So, you spend $10 and bring it home but are disappointed because you can barely smell it while it is burning. Or worse, you can’t smell the fragrance at all. That’s a poorly made candle with low throw or no throw. So, you return to the store to buy a different brand of candle only to receive the same poor results. Now you’ve spent $20 on two candles that don't provide you with what you want.

As a solution to this frustrating, costly issue, Top Shelf Candles specializes in providing high-quality, soy-based candles with excellent throw. Their candle scents fill rooms. Because all of their candles are soy-based, they are slow burning and the scent will fill more than one room, if you burn the candle long enough.