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The Right Candles for the Right Moments

Top Shelf Candles set the mood for all occasions through the organic power of natural soy. Top Shelf Candles are soy based candles that engage the senses with fragrances that relax the mind, lift the spirit anad render an almost palpable sense of calm.

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Welcome to Top Shelf Candles

If you love scented candles, you have probably noticed that all soy candles are not created equally. At Top Shelf Candles, we offer the best quality soy candles on the market. These scented soy candles fill the room with a wonderful aroma that adds warmth and comfort to every room, calms the mind, and lifts the spirit.

Cheap candles burn poorly and may smell great in the store, but often fail to give off the same scent when you get them home. Other cheap candles may smell great on the first burn, but have little or no scent on subsequent burns. Top Shelf Candles strives to offer quality and value to our customers with organic soy candles that have balanced scent that you will enjoy with every burn, from the first burn until the last.

For our own love of scented soy candles and to provide the best quality to our customers, we have searched for the best candles and chosen to feature Aspen Bay Candles. These scented candles use the finest oils and ingredients for superior quality scents. There are three different collections available to provide a wide variety of fragrances to satisfy every preference.

Aspen Bay Candles are all natural, hand poured soy candles that will fill the room with the scent of your choice. These high quality candles offer a long burn time and balanced scent that will last through every burn. Please browse our website to view the available options in candles, fragrances, and candle accessories. We are certain that when you experience these candles, you will never use another brand.

If you're not familiar with Aspen Bay Candles but have a passion for natural scented soy candles, you owe it to yourself to try them today. We believe that you'll never use another brand of candle again. Within the three Aspen Bay Candle collections, you are sure to find your favorite soy candle. We've done our best to describe the fragrances, their long burn times and how strong or soft the scent is. We know that some like a strongly scented soy candle but others prefer a softer soy candle presence. Aspen Bay Candles has a candle for everyone. Find yours today! We are confident that you will love these strongly scented soy candles as much as we do.