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About Us


Hello and welcome to Top Shelf Candles!  Top Shelf Candles was borne of a passion for scented candles.  A passion for fragrance and a quest to find  the best candles in the industry that would not disappoint and deliver a clean, strong fragrance each and every time.  

We are excited to feature Aspen Bay Candles on our shelf and will continue to look for other brands that deliver the same quality, fragrance and value.  You can be sure that if a candle is on the Top Shelf, it is a candle that won’t disappoint.   

Knowing that some like strong fragrances that can captivate a room and other like subtle scents that suggest their presence, we carry the full line of Aspen Bay Scented Soy Candles that will cater to every taste.  We’ve tried our best to describe the wonderful scents that Aspen Bay delivers but we also encourage  customers who have previously bought our scented soy candles to leave a review and tell everyone how they liked them!  We are committed to the highest level of integrity in what we sell and what we post on our website.

Our commitment to customer service is also top shelf and we will always strive to ship quickly and resolve issues even quicker.  Shop with confidence and enjoy!